Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Joy of Little things

The May month has already dawned and some people say that it is but a month of happiness, a month of new life, an evolution and growth, the month that comes with and begins with complete package. I don’t know if it is true, but I would like to believe and hope that it is true. The April month wasn’t that bad too, although on the very first day of that month, it was funny to be fooled by a colleague; so called April fool.

Anyway for me, this month will remain as one of the most satisfied and happiest month. Not because great thing has happened to me or I have done great things, but because of the little things that I have always aspired to do; something I like to believe that it is ingrained with my blood, the aspiration to help and serve my parents in all times to come.  Happiness isn’t when you win a lottery or when you are being promoted, happiness is when you know for sure that that you have not enough and you still manage to give and share. Happiness isn’t when you know everything, it instill in us a kind of ego, happiness is when you know yourself that you don’t know and you still give a try. Happiness is knowing that not everything is under your very hand and that something are meant to be left as it is-unattended.  Happiness is when you are hurt deep inside and you still manage to smile and make around you comfortable.  Happiness is knowing that others won’t listen and you can’t change them but still remind them; a satisfaction that we derive out of it. Happiness is not when your wallet or bank account is full, but empty; still knowing that you spent wisely and for good purpose.

Such little things that hardly get the attention are sometimes the only ones that remain and stays with us. It reminds us of the cruelty that the so-called BIG things comes with. And once we begin to value such little things, we begin to understand that there are places for everything, no matter how small or how invisible one may be. We have our own roles to play in the midst of this big and busy world, with our own world of tenderness and affection.

So cheer up guys, happy days ahead….. J