Monday, 10 December 2012

Seven Over, One More to Go

Life is always a test if we look into it carefully; every moment, from the time we get off the bed in the morning to the time when we go to the bed again at night (perhaps we are tested even during our  peaceful sleep, who knows with guarantee that we will see the next morning sun?..:P)  If we are unhappy or sad, it is the test of our emotions as to how strong we are, if something is not alright and we are unsatisfied  it is a test of our patience and perseverance,  if we are happy with everything going just as wished, then also it is a test of how much we are overwhelmed and taken by that and to what extend we go with that. However, such little usual things are far from considering it as a test. Only things like academic examinations where one is made to write or speak, followed by a result or a bench mark to differentiate means a test to most of us. How far do we pass the life's test is a question we might consider to ask our self as we live this life.

Well, finally after a rigorous duration of about six months, the seventh semester is over now, the final exam of the semester was done today. As soon as I reached my room after writing exam at around 5:00 PM, I opened my laptop and updated the status of Facebook as"7/8..:)" That was when I knew myself how much we are tensed and bogged down by so-called examinations and how much examinations mean to us as a student. For now I am free, I feel free and fresh; my head is light and clear. All the more I am happy, just because the tensions are over(for now) no matter how badly I wrote some papers.

Looking back to this very semester, I find it to be most productive and memorable of all. Productive, because for the first time it offered me some leisure time (final year is lenient!) which I made  good use of it by starting to blog and obviously through blogging, just within a short span of time, I have learnt a lot. Even if i don't write, I enjoyed reading others and that has only encouraged me. I say it memorable for the simple and silly reason, now that the torturous nights with so many tutorial sheets and practicals to write was finally over. I also took keen interest in playing soccer for the very first time in my life this semester and it has been pretty much full of fun. I also visited Bodh Gaya for the second time. This time I was able to visit almost all the near by Nyes which I consider myself to be lucky. I personally consider that trip to be most unforgettable (for some personal reasons) and I am very much thankful to my friends for making that trip a wonderful one.

And lastly (not the least one!..:P) after this very semester I am planning to go home after almost three long years. I have only been meeting my parents only through phone calls. I can't wait to get together with my parents soon although I have very short break.