Sunday, 12 May 2013

Seeing the future from the present

What should I write on my blog? I keep wondering. I open the dashboard of my blog and see the page filled with new updates from the blogs I follow; I click it in new tab and read one by one. That’s the very normal thing I do every time I open my Laptop.  It is where I get know and flow with the others, Blogging (for me) is more about reading others than about  my own writings, although I try to scribble rubbish out of my rubbish feelings and expressions. It is really an exciting journey.

Most would agree that generally all bloggers are so active during their life as a student. After that, for some reasons I feel people get diverted and filtered with the priorities of life- either job or family. The number of updates declines, yet there are some serious bloggers who, despite their job and family keep their blog alive with even more exciting and important information.  With my college life nearing end, I don’t know if I will have that same ample of time, although I would very much like to see myself in the same line.

It was almost 3:00 Am (IST) today and I was still awake! I was covering up the past week’s updates which I missed for I had exams. And that was when I also realized the very irony of every student’s life- that it is only during the exam times that we easily get dozed off- so early. It is also during the exams times when we are dragged into long conversations (gossip) out of a silly and perhaps a worthless topic. Just the opposite happens right after the exam days are over! No matter how much you think and try to take rest or maybe sleep, you simply can’t! The brain seems to become hyperactive then, you want to do crazy things, like may be a drink or movie or something else. That’s something we can really escape (at least it was for me). Do you experience the same thing?

But with such times drawing end, I often wonder as to what my life will be from now? Just last year it was at this very place, very time  when we had so much fun  as friend with my seniors and now they are all settled in different places. They are busy now; they have entered the real arena of life’s battle, some even started their own family, happily married! And now it seems my turn has come. I remember a friend, who said during our leisure conversation: “As a child we share our plates with our siblings, as a student, we share our plates with best buddies, and after the college, it is time to share plates with our partners” Really? I don’t think it’s even time for me to think of it and I am also not ready yet.
People say the real taste of the life begins just after the college. I still don’t know what kind of path is waiting for me. And that’s when I often get tensed and scared. But still I would like to do my best and see for myself. Wish me luck my friends!..... :-)