Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Begging

source: Google
Don’t you think we are all beggars in some way?  Physically or professionally we might not act like the one at street and that is perhaps because we are more fortunate? Most of the begging comes in times of desperation.As a little kid, we beg our parents not to beat us, to play around with dirt, not to send us to school. As a young school going children, we beg teachers not to fail us, we beg for extra marks; as a young teenager, we become the victim of love or infatuation and we do hell lot of begging for acceptance and understanding. In time of loneliness, we beg for company. We spent lot of our time nearthe alter begging pardon for all the sins we committed, even with the knowledge that all it take is but concrete actions to reap concrete results.Even more ironic is when we remember and beg Koenchog Sum (Tripple Gem) only during the time of crisis, danger and desperate. (Which I do often…. L..)

There was time when I thought that people really change once they get chair (I mean when they get job); they tend to forget the little things that mattered most once- the friends, family and people you valued once. But once we are actually put into their shoes,we understand what it takes and what it really means to be on chair. There definitely is cost for getting a cozy chair; so many compromises, excuses and adjustments. On one hand you have the family, friends and people whom you owe so much and who thinks all should be well once you get chair, while on the other you have your own load of expectations, your own round of business to mind. When you cannot balance the weight between them, you become hopeless and sometimes regret takes over with so many ‘if only…’ There are moments of embarrassments and humiliations.That is where begging comes again. We beg for sympathy and mercy for all the failures and letdowns.

Yes life is just a ready-made cup of tea for those who are all set physically, mentally, financially and environmentally, but for others even if one of them is missing, it is hard to keep their foot on ground, because then it becomes unstable. If we can’t derive a lesson from every people we encounter, each day, each night, every tiny moment, from each penny you get or spend or each word you speak, I don’t think life is ever going to be that easy.