Friday, 24 October 2014

Dwelling in the Past

Don't you sometimes like to go back to old good times and memories? When you are faced with difficult times; when you can't decide for yourself what you are up to; when life eludes you of all that glittering wonders; when you feel sick of the same schedules; when you feel left out by the circumstances around; when you can't control the flow of emotions (what ever it may be). Don't you wish like what if it was that very moment?

It is silly, but don't we depend upon our past to define the present and forecast our future? I think it is OK at times to rewind and relive the past moments. It makes us reflect about the path we are treading at present, judge and weigh for ourselves as to how much we have come thus far. The past also make us momentarily happy (or sad) and refreshes the very stand point we are at after all, life is but moments and memories.

Some incidents of the present make us think about the past and yesterday was one. Suddenly I was taken back to my middle secondary school days. I have a colleague at work (different division) who happens to be the best friend of a girl whom I had my first crush.
"Tshewang you know..........(girl's name)....? I am said that you were all crazy about her, it is funny!"
Startled, I paused for a moment and said:
"who doesn't have crush? and is it crime? come on it was at 10th standard, what does it matter now?"
"No i am just surprised as to how a simple guy like you could have crush on her"

I did not answer further, instead I was just wondering as to why most of people I meet think that I am but a simple guy? What does it take not to be simple any way? I left after telling her that it is once upon a time incident and that I have almost forgotten with time.

However, I think good memories doesn't seem to fade so easily. Series of flashbacks rolled over the lane of my memory and suddenly I was at that very time smiling. The good thing about crush is that  you tend to enjoy every bit of moments without any expectations and intentions. I did not  confess either and we were just like every other classmates. I was seated towards the corner end bench of class while she was almost diagonal to my seat in the middle row. The good thing out of it was all huge amount of monotonous lecture classes would be save by mere glance. Thanks to her i don't remember drooping in the class for even once...:P

Any way after 10th standard we were placed at different schools and we never met until of course in Facebook towards the end of my college years. Who isn't on Facebook now a days? One evening I decided to tell her my story to which she took it as a normal flirt/joke.  After that the most recently we met was during Paro Tshechu last year with her husband. we did wish each other well for the life ahead.

So you see going to the past isn't really a bad hope i did not bore you with all these bullshits, till then  thanks for the patience and have a nice weekend...