Sunday, 18 October 2015

Fun with Volkswagen Engine

Hello folks; Hope everything is going great. I have been good as well but sadly due to unavoidable circumstances, one thing that I love and care about so much- my passion for reading (and writing), my blog has been barren for so long. I don’t know but for some weird reason, for some time I have completely lost my interest in reading keep aside writing. But anyway here I am with another lines of rubbish after a long time

Now we are almost towards the end of the course, we are presently onto one of the most interesting course – Volkswagen engine overhaul. The practical is for nine days within which we ought to rip off whole running (working) engine down, in accordance with (IAW) the procedure (you know IAW is the most lovely word for aircraft engineers?) clean and inspect and then build up the whole bloody thing again to its normal functional state, in between carrying out all the necessary measurements to see if the parts are within limits or if not change with the new one. It is a very interesting class. More than how the car engine works, we get to know about how we ought to proceed in near future when we come across the aircraft maintenance. Instructors always say that it isn’t a race, nor are we given the training to know how that bloody car engine works, but the approach, the steps according to the manuals and procedures. Everything we do, we are to think as if we are working on live aircraft and we ought to take into consideration every bits and pieces of consequences and the effects it can have. So the past week has been very busy one yet full of fun and enriching as well and will be one of the most cherished moments of my life.

In other part, I really wanted to say what I have thought about the recent outcry of pilot de-boarding sick passenger which was very unfortunate. Well, this is not about who was wrong or who was right, that is totally up to the audience for we were all one. But as a matter of fact, what was very saddening more than the sympathy Bhutanese people were pouring out in the social media was the way Bhutanese people jumps to conclusion for any kind of incidents. More disheartening was when people whom we expect a rationale views try to polarize and make the situation even worse. To me personally, the captain who had to make that unfortunate and painful decision was never to be blamed. How can one jeopardize the life of hundreds on account of just one on humanitarian ground? I am quite shock that people without even thinking twice goes on to playing blame games. What is the end result if one have to sympathize one party and then think and say all the worst thing to another? Where is one’s humanity gone at here?
Nobody on the board than pilot knows the mechanics of flight. To the customers it maybe a pleasure, and adventure to be amongst the clouds, but to pilots and others who know about it, it is a different thing, safety comes first, the safety of each and every one of the passengers and crew on board. It is in the air and not on the ground by the way.
I personally feel it is always wise to think beyond humanity when it comes to professionalism because the price at the end of day, we will have to pay can be more than the humanity itself!

Oh folks, don’t be serious, this is but the game of life after all, and there are dark days as there are fine ones. And it has to go on no matter what. Play your part whatever you can while you can.