Wednesday, 22 June 2011


 Some incidents in life make us laugh and smile, some incidents invites rain of tears to our eyes while some changes the cute faces of ours to awkward and colored faces. There are still other situations and incidents in life which just remind us to remember, stand and stare.And these moments are never fixed and time tabled because nothing in life can be predicted or predefined.Everything changes and it is only time that heals with the flow of so called life.
A moment of smile and laugh can often invite rains of tears. An incident which is a moment of joy for one may not necessarily be the same to another. Sometimes blessings come through raindrops and healing comes through tears.And sometimes the trails of this life, the rains that storms the hardest nights are often the mercies in disguise. There is nothing like constancy except the word itself. A moment of gain may bestow moment of happiness, its not always it vanishes just like a simple breeze that flows at the side of Ocean. We may Love and be Loved but does that mean it will last forever? Can we give guarantee that it will be eternal?
I have always been filled with doubts and suspicions regarding the life i am leading. Every moment, i spent my time just staring or otherwise gazing around my life.I have momentarily and frequently thought if all these happenings are but curse that will ruin my life or are but blessings in disguise. Because what i have noticed and realized out of life (at least up to this stage) is: "we humans tends to remember only the negatives, darker, emotional,and most grievance parts of moments and rarely do we remember those moments that were spent joyously with pride and smile on our face".It seems so partial just like we are suffering from some kind of illness. Yes memories do play very confusing role in our life.It makes you laugh when you remember the time you cried together but invites tears when you remember the time you laughed together.
Now the questions that runs through my guts are:
1. What does all these mean?
2.Am I the only one to experience these types of emotional state?
3. Is this a kind of lesson i needed to learn?
4.Will overcome and become a better person?
5.Am I taking the right track? ......

well these are but the basic questions i asks daily to myself  not because i hate being human but because i don't know how to cope with life. Human life is really wonderful if spent wisely and i do really want to try and attain that state some fine day......