Friday, 17 June 2011


Life is wonderful when shared with some one who understands one's understanding
Life is beautiful when we have someone to whom we can stand and stare
Life is easy when there is someone whom we can rely and lend their hand
Life is smooth when there is someone who can grease and lubricate all rusts
Life is trustworthy when there is someone who can trust one's own trust
Life is healthy when there is someone who heals old sores and wound
Life is full of fun when played with someone who understands the rule of game
Life is refreshing when leaned under the shadow of someone's arm
Life is easy healing when comforted with undoubted truth and no lie
Life is cool when one's sweat is being swept by someone we trust
Life is always hopeful when walked with someone we always wanted
Life is all the more perfect when there is someone who understands imperfectness
                                                                                            (Dedicated to my love....cheers!!!!!!!!)