Thursday, 3 May 2012


Life is a series of dreams
Either we can choose or lose
That unreal pleasure, joy and happiness
Or that soaring sorrow and grief
Which, to some is so brief
Live luxuriously on a cosy chair
Or struggle for a loaf of bread in despair
Lend lump some money on charity
Or beg the streets for a penny

Life is but a busy buzz
People on the rush to the work all day
A little time to stand and stare with gay
And feel that fresh and fancy breeze
Savor the sweet smell of daisies
An irony is at the end of day
A very few remains without a dept to pay

Life is but a curse
To prepare for the worse
High though titles and proud the name
It is the matter of how we play the game
At the gate of great leveler the death
Neither is the fame or boundless wealth
We may walk the beach with pride and honor
Only to know that it was a rumor