Monday, 25 June 2012


Majestic monument built in 17th century b Zhabdrung
It was around four thirty pm yesterday that i left the college computer center to hostel after a delightful chat with my love, i wasn't feeling that well, may be because the chat seemed so short and short of time time afterall.
 After reaching the hostel i wanted to go back to facebook for no specific reasons and  it was what really shocked me then. There were so many post including by BBS, and Opposition Leader about the tragedy Bhutan was into, the wangdue Phodrang Dzong being caught by flames.. However i did not take it seriously because i was certain that the it would be saved, but then i was wrong. By evening it was just the story of saddness and the melancholy, the ground reality being unable to save the Dzong! How Tragegic?!!

Eventhough staying away from our own homeland, thanks to the modern development of social networks we are able to keep upto date what and all are going on throughout the globe, and of course it is very saddening to know such tragic incident that has engulfed our nation.

The histroy being engulfed within no time!!so sad:(
With this i also remember of another tragedy that happened in bhutan, but that time with the swollen river (Wangchhu) which claimed the life of five boys around this time in the year 2009, the incident of Bumthang Town which happened three times, the incident of paro taktsang and others. Going by all these, i just wonder if Bhutan is  still underdeveloped to be equiped with all the modern technology to prevent such disasters? Or we bhutanese are still succumbed to the traditional ways. Was the incidents before not sufficient to instil some kind of lessons regarding the preventive measures and remedies then? Or is it the indication that renovations are of highly timed?

But still it is always better late than never and i think Bhutan should really think about future,  of the similar majestic momuments that might have the similar fate for we can never predict.

And the good thing i knew is regarding the sacred 'Nangtens' being able to save from the incident.And it really is a good omen though. Mybe it means we are still the same: Same unique country with everything unshattered!!....