Wednesday, 13 June 2012


I was just wondering what could be the very heart of any kind of relationship,. Everyday midnight calls? Everyday love cards? Everyday love made and kisses? or some invisible things like trust, faith and loyalty? Then suddenly i remembered the immediate incident that happened recently between my love and me. Communication, or making yourself known even in the midst of worst part of your life or even in the midst of your busiest schedules is what matters after all. No matter how much we are into good or bad situations these must be expressed and exchanged.Even if it is a worst thing to be shared it is always worth sharing because it is always better safe than sorry. It clears the cloud of doubts that shadows our self and the other. It also defines the very fact of where one is wrong and right the remedies from then. An effective and expressive communication about how we feel, what it means to be in bad mood and situation makes the other understand and aware of  and leads to a better atmosphere,.

Ever since my love left for vacation to home country, for no obvious reasons there was this tiny thread of suspicions that always circled me.she did call me frequently (which is continued now as well) how ever i wasn't satisfied, may be because i was left behind when she went and that made me feel so low. One time she headed to Tsirang for her summer internship and i knowing did not inquire any kind of questions for that would jeopardize the fact of her stand as a young learner and to our relationship of trust and loyalty too. At the same time i was expecting her to brief me about that but that never happened, so after about a week i wanted to know and i asked her: "dear where do you stay at Tsirang?" and you know the immediate answer was: "Do you trust me or not first?" what am i supposed to answer? Did my one question really questions that of trust between us? Don't i deserve to know where a bouts of her? Any way  she said me all the stories and and finally i was convinced that she had but very little choice. But what saddened me was not about what she did, but by the mere fact that she never bothered to tell me all these. Only after i inquired did she tell me all these and this makes it even more worse. To me after committing one self to all the rolls of this life as ONE i think one has also the very equal right to make one self known and has the right to be informed.

Of course every individual takes it differently yet the ultimate base boils down to being true to our own self, being what we truly are. Because one may fool, cheat, trick and betray others we can never be refrained from doing it to yourself. These are but the very fundamentals of any kind of relationship; be it two down to earth lovers parents and children, teacher and student or among friends..

May be time is all we have the best friend ever in this short span of life, it is the best healer i ever have known and i do hope once and for all that i will be healed of all that unreal hurts and unnecessary tortures that made me go through. Ultimately what i like to believe is:"distance shouldn't be a factor in relationship but the communication commitment and trust should be"