Friday, 15 February 2013

A Good Surprise!

"When we are desperate, deprived and in need of, even a penny is more worth than pound" This is a sentence which I ask myself too often to remind me whenever I reach some point along the journey of my life. I am sure every student, like me at one point of their time, had in their mind this very sentence, particularly when you are broke.(..:P)
The situation is different for others, for well-offs a even a pound is nothing, they care less, expects more and they are lavish, because they live in a world completely different than us although we are all on this planet earth.

Likewise, for people like me, forget others, just getting qualified after tenth standard to continue the studies in the government school (even with not so good branch) is very much a big thing. This is not only a comfort to myself, but to my parents too, who sweats day in and day out to sacrifice for me. It is not only my success, but their's’s too. Such simple things and small achievements not only bring smiles to our faces, it is also a very big relief.

Yes, I am happy today for my sister; my little sister who surprised us all (me in particular) with a pretty good results in the BCSE exam. It was surprising, because for the last eleven years she never reached even 60% in her exams and today when I checked her result, I was thinking if I had some problem with my eyes, but it wasn't.

When I saw the post in Face book by the BBS stating that the result for the class X was out and that the cut-off is 61.4%, I was rather numb, and I was hopeless for my sister. I felt pity on her. I was saddened. I even blamed god for being unfair to my sister for it was just 58.6% during my time. What she will do now? Where will she go? Who will bear expenses even if she wants to continue her studies?  There were only questions without answers. Without much hope, I opened the loaded with her index number and the time after that was when I thought if it’s is even right to judge before anything.

I immediately dialed dad’s mobile number to break the good news. They (sister was also with dad) were on their way to Minjiwoong, the road point in our place with horses, get potter for some civil servants in my place. She seemed nervous in the beginning, but I did not prolong her nervousness. The good news was indicative in the tone of my talking too and she seemed excited as I told her the marks she scored in each subjects. She even seemed unsatisfied with one of the subject’s marks.

I don't know how many students would be elated and excited right now for their good results and on the other hand how many more would be weeping for not being able to qualify, but ultimately this is life and I do hope and pray for the success in their life ahead.