Wednesday, 13 February 2013

For You My Dear

Every time I am sad and sorry
You cheer me and make me merry
Every time I fall and lose hope
You lift me with bundles of scope
Every time I get struck on the track
You find me and help me crack
You make my days lighter and healthier
You make me feel more and wealthier
You make me feel loved and cared
Which can never be measured or compared
You complete me and keep me alive
Yes! With you, life is easy to survive
You are what you are- the real you
And that is what I like most about you

Far and separated we maybe this valentine
Definitely we will next and together we will dine
Together we will feel the warmth of the day
Together we will sail this life and find way
The way that will make each day but valentine
For life is too short to brood over the rare shine