Thursday, 10 October 2013

A for Ama

For nine months you have carried me in shame and pain, gave birth, ate and slept with shit, walked with the pace of mine, had listened to silly insistence and nag. The list goes on….. Yes, mom you are the best. I love you and I am grateful, honored, thankful and proud. It may be a normal thing about the mother-to-child thing; like if it is not mom, who? Something like who doesn’t like their own blood, or who will if it’s not the mom? Yet the fact still remains that not all mothers are fortunate enough to be or give, likewise not all children are lucky enough to receive. What requires is the perfect marriage of a Merit, བསོད་ནམས as we call in Buddhism. In the mist of so called life, either one get lost and carried away by some unfathomable circumstances until it just become a mere name.

You may not be educated but you have given me the best wisdom that is not found in any of the books, you may not be well-off, but I have got the most expensive gift- the gift of life to treasure. I owe you so much. You have sacrificed so much for my sake and I am grateful; I know it can never be repaid, yet I promise that I will do my best as a son, as a loyal son. I know what you expect from me. It is not that expensive gold or the best attire or best food, but what is best for me; for my joy and sorrow is yours.
 Thank you Mom, I Love you.