Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Life as I see it

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Life is not always as easy as it seems. Every one of us lives the same life, yet not all of us live in the same way, we may walk the same street, yet not all has the privilege to walk with head held high, for some of us it demands a hushed stumbling. Life may be fair on its part, yet to an individual it seems unfair and unjust. But still we are to live on! The music of life keeps on beating and we have to cope with it.

As a little kid, what do we know about life? What do we know about the hardships and hurdles, the curses and blessings, the sadness and happiness or the young and old? As the child is king, everything is in front and at hand; hardly do we realize about how much it takes to reach there. As we grow up to become a youth school going children and then into college, we slowly understand what the nitty-gritty of life is. As a young blood, we are often tempted by certain emotions and pulses which often lead to unhealthy involvements; at times we are victimized, that’s when we embark into the path of degeneration and crime. We are drenched into one-sided thinking, the narrow one and we often fail to notice what it is from the other side.

After college, we enter into the world of work; we get frustrated by the profession we choose, for the pasture on the other side of bridge is always greener, then the marriage comes in between followed by kids and suddenly the life gets stagnant! That is it, over! The unfinished and burning dreams and desire we had once come to halt and to full stop. But still we aren’t satisfied, it isn’t enough and we don’t stop it there.  We tend to seek and search and the more we get, the less satisfied we are and the greedier we become. What a sad thing?

My life in particular had been pretty exciting so far, not because I was lucky enough or the entire long journey was smooth and frictionless, but because I have been able to survive, I have struggled enough to know what it takes and what it means to live and this gives me hope, it makes me envision myself and it makes me alert. I am just beginning to have the real taste of it. It is full of tests and every rising sun gives me a chance to do new, be new and learn new. The challenge that lies ahead keeps me awake, although it often makes me sad and hopeless for it is with lot of compromises and adjustments. It often makes me pause and rewind back thinking if I have blundered or if I have traced the right path or if it will be ever same?  Life is full of ironies you know. While I am happy to have lived so far, it often wonders me and I am even scared to think of what is in store for me in the coming days (Will I be even alive?) as to how I shall tackle it and as to how I will react to those unseen comings..

In the midst of all these, I wish and pray for the best, I make myself convinced that life is two side coins and that there are always HI’s behind every Byes and dawn after dusk. That it is in the hands and head of our own to decide, do and dwell.

What do you think of your life?