Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Sudden surge of Interest

Reading was never my part and parcel as a little school going kid. For someone to adopt a new habit, it is not just an influential environment but also a source of inspiration, a circle of friends or someone to show us a path and develop in us an interest. It was only when I reached XII standard that I knew how poor I was in language and literature, even now I know i am not good, but i would like to believe that i have improved a lot. Thanks to my Physics and class teacher who introduced and inspired into the world of reading. Besides the normal syllabus, he used to frequently do a lot of talking about how reading changes one’s life and his in particular; how late he picked up the habit of reading (when he reached Sherubtse College!). I still remember him saying about the importance of reading and writing: “reading makes perfect man, but writing makes an exact man”
Since then, i have taken keen interest in reading and the days after twelve standard was the best time for me to pick up. The reporting time for the college was known only in the month of September, so for about six months i have had the leisure to spend my time into reading. When at Thimphu, i used to visit the harmony youth center often which is near to the RICBL colony (where i stayed). The other time when i was at Chukha, my cousin brother would bring me books from the school library for me. It was an interesting period of my life. i have had same the dream to continue the habit to the college, but sadly the so-called life had changed me completely, and soon the zeal to read was completely vanished! And the last book i read was somewhere in the third year, the ‘Revolution 2020’ by Chetan Bhagat. That too for weird reasons, i took so much time to complete. Since then reading was almost forgotten to me. But then i was introduced into another world-blogging and strangely i have never missed a blog post written by my fellow blogger friends! Some of the blogs have really inspired and pulled my once lost interest into reading.  I just wished if only i could bring back the interest i had when i completed my twelve standard.
Anyway lately it seems the long lost interest is suddenly surging out as if it had gone for hibernation; suddenly i feel the zeal and the thirst to read so much so that I took the PDF format of two books for my off days (Monday and Tuesday) from Google. I finished the ‘The fault in our Stars’ by John Green and ‘I am Malala’ by Malala Yousafzai. The TFIOS is a sad life and love story about a cancer patient, how a cancer patient’s life is, how difficult it is to fight a battle with our own body; how we should see and treat the patients with the lens of our conscience, how even a drop love and empathy is so much to them. It is worth spending your time! And reading I am Malala, I was like how fortunate and blessed I am to be born in a country like ours? It is an inspiring book and i think every growing mind should read this book.