Friday, 12 September 2014

Unfortunate incidents

I have said in my earlier posts that I don’t like to call myself an office goer when people ask me if I am in the office. I tell them instead that I am on duty. My take on office goer is someone who works 9 to 5, someone who owns his own desk with personal computer in front. The place where I work isn’t something like that. We are more than score in numbers (the staffs) and we have just five desktop computers in total, used for both the work and for recreational activities like facbooking, youtub-ing and all during leisure time. We can’t bring our personal laptops either, for there are so many long hands (thieves). Just recently my senior lost his smart phone, it was kept with charge plugs on and was vanished shortly after that without a trace. And our friends and colleagues here don’t seem to at all understand each other. Every one seems to be looking for chance to make fun of, mock and embarrass. The common thing that people out here do is to write some filthy sentences on the walls of face book, if it is kept open. Even a minute can’t be spared you know. Login your face book account and leave it for just a short period of time and you will see your wall filled with all the nonsense and dirty words when you get back. Then a row of comical comments will follow from your face book friends. I have been victim of this for several times, and each time after such incidents, I had to apologize in writing.
One such thing happened today. I opened my face book account while I was getting print out of the procedures for the work we were going to do. I went to have breakfast and unfortunately forgot to log out my face book account. The moment later after the breakfast, I saw many notifications, when I looked carefully; a filthy sentence was written and already it has generated couple comments. It’s okay that such comments can be deleted, but the problem is when friends take it seriously! Who wouldn’t take it seriously after its your password secured account, nobody is responsible other that you?
Well, I don’t flirt in face book, I have my family, friends and strangers whom I very much respect, I use this platform to get updates, the breaking news all other social entertainments but lately some unfortunate incidents have occurred demeaning my name and my personality as a whole and I would like to beg pardon for all these uncalled incidents.  I will try not to let such things happen hence forth.

Happy weekends folks…