Thursday, 20 November 2014

Oh! Never or at least not now

Oh illness please never or at least not now, everything is just the beginning and I got to do lot of things before you engulf me and take me to the gate of  your boss, the death. Is it even fair for you to pick me among thousand and cast spell upon me? Why me? Don’t you see how happy I am right now, how ambitious I am full of hopes and aspirations? Don’t you see how much I look forward to carry out the unfinished business? What did you expect to get from a skinny skin like mine? How do you choose your right candidate anyway?
My career is just at the base and I got to climb, shape and race with the rest. Don’t you see how I am trying hard to fit in? I have siblings in line who follows me with great expectations and I ought to help them, pull them up, and guide them. I got to be by their side. Who will be at my place if you take me away so soon? Who will look after my parents who lives with every dream to see me shine and radiate my success to them? Every bit of my success, happiness (and sadness) is theirs too. I ought to serve them with pride and dignity. For all their love, care and hardships, do I not owe them a happy face at the least? Or is it too much to ask?
And most importantly I am not yet prepared to meet your boss right now, because like I said, I have so many other things to do before I prepare and ready myself for your boss. Like Bhutanese saying, don’t be early to renounce worldly matters for dharma and don’t be too late to start worldly business (something like this roughly), I am still young on the budge of blooming and I still have the stages to be a dad and husband one day, experience what it means to have family of your own, see children and be proud of them. Of course it doesn’t mean that I am not preparing or will not prepare, it’s just that time is too limited for now and I can’t fully dedicate myself for that preparation. Or are you going to snatch it all from me at this moment only?

Why don’t you cajole your boss that it was all mistaken to pick me and that I be given one more chance? Why don’t you make me realize that life is for reason and purpose and that I live it without any remorse; show me instead reason to enjoy while I prepare and ready myself to meet you and your boss with smile on my face.  When it is time, I will surrender myself before you and your boss, but right now please! Give me some time.