Friday, 12 December 2014

Of Choe and sii

Wangchuk and Tshewang are cousin brothers from same tiny remote village of the country. They were enrolled to school in the same year. Wangchuk is a year older than Tshewang. They were brilliant students in their own way; it was two of them who would never give the first and second positions of the class every year. Unfortunately during their primary school years, Wangchuk had an accident while herding cattle on vacation which had his hand almost broken. After rigorous local treatments, he was alright. But he couldn't continue his studies and became a year junior to his brother. Wangchuk therefore decides to remain at home helping his parents in field with animals. Tshewang continues to study, although his very good friend has left him. But the road ahead isn't easy for both of them. When one toils in the field in the sun and rain, the other endures the cruel boarder life. But what kind of life is easy anyway?
Life continues as such for years until suddenly when Wangchuk decides to join monk-hood after several years as farmer. He joins prestigious shedra in India (Mindrolling shedra) as a monk, where he once again experiences and recalls his early school days as a little kid. By this time, Tshewang was in the high school. After twelfth standard, Tshewang secures government scholarship to pursue higher studies at a college in India. This is the second time two of them get to meet once again. But this is different from their usual meetings, it’s more dignified and elderly, perhaps both are grown-ups?
At present Tshewang works in a government organization, he is ambitious and arrogant, the meager salary he get at the end of a month is just enough for him to make ends meet, he is often troubled by the day’s work, by his family at home and he has too many obligations; while Wangchuk, who also completed his years of studies teach small kids back at village who have decided to give up material world for monk-hood like him. He is calm and contended. He looks young and peaceful unlike Tshewang who is ruined by the greed for power and wealth.
So this is it I wonder, the difference in power of Choe and sii, the difference between the Nangpai education and modern education? It seems like more the modern education, more the greed and arrogance, more ambitious and materialistic, in short more trouble, just the opposite for Choe.
If only Wangchuk and Tshewang are equally blessed by the road they took although different!