Friday, 3 July 2015

Name and Fashion

Source: Google
We all have our favorite name which we like others to call us. If we go back and see, we notice that most of the names of our parents and grandparents are situation or date based. If you are born on 10 day of Bhutanese calendar, you are Tshechu something or Chenga something or Namang something if born on 15th or 30th respectively. I have a friend who was born on blessed rainy day and is called Babjey. There are others who are called out of love by their parents which seem to have become like something to make fun of. Are these not interesting? I mean at least we have reasons behind. My name was my great grandfather’s and i was named to remember him. This is yet another popular culture where Bhutanese parents wants their children to be named with by the names of their forefathers.

Bhutanese parents usually take their new born to a local Lama or Rinpoche to get names. But lately have you notice that the naming of new born are becoming a fashion to most Bhutanese parents. It is amazing that a fashion has this much affect. Every parents wants their child to be name with first, middle and last names. Why it has to be Karma Sonam Dema or something like that? I don’t know (I ain’t dad Did you know of our parents and before them who had more than two names? Well, very rarely as far as I know of and that too for some special reasons, but it’s like a new trend now. Bhutanese parents just doesn’t seem to be complete if their child is not named with first, middle and last name. I have a friend who recently had a child, a daughter and was named with three names because every parents have their child with three names and so was theirs. He said that in future when all are friends are called with long names she might feel bad and blame them. That may be true because even a small thing seem to matter. Our children are clever and smart. The system and society they grow up in makes them prudent and something like this would really matter.

This is something very new, some kind of transition happening to Bhutanese people if not really a trending fashion. Can anyone in census registration division find out the pattern of names our children are registered with? This is just out of curiosity and I am certain there will be a proof in there, I however like to call it a Fashion…:P