Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Dollar Thing

The pasture on the other side is not always greener as a matter of fact. Often we are deceived by our own intuition that we are worse ourselves and others better, we are deceived by the notion that life abroad (particularly Australia) is always better, always lucrative and easy while the reality isn’t. The physical appearances that we often see on the social Medias like Facebook is just a show, a show that displays behind that broad smile and fancy dresses or delicious foods on table is an equal amount of pain, hardship and struggle. The dollar thing has become the word which I think is used too superficially. The Kuensel’s story about 20 Bhutanese being robbed and cheated says it all but not even a part of real story because the story doesn’t end after you reach there or after you get visa, it is just the beginning.

The unfortunate and pity story shows how we Bhutanese are easily influenced and easily driven by dollar thing and some good lip service. It shows how we become victim and are easily defeated by that temptation of wanting more and getting more. 90 percent of Bhutanese wouldn’t deny their wanting to join this bandwagon if opportunity knocks their door. After all who wants to get rot on the same chair and receive the same amount of meagre salary at the end of month when everything that really matters in modern world is money, comfort and wealth? But the sad thing is that the realities are different.

I study in New Zealand and considering the fact that Australia and New Zealand is almost same in all sense, I don't see and feel that life there (or here) is a blessing at all. Of course there are Bhutanese whom I know, living kingly life here. Their jobs are secured and honorable and so is their life. But that is exception and not the point. I have heard from reliable sources that in Australia there are too many Bhutanese that often there are cases like thefts, fights and commotions among themselves. It is a shame, which only indicate a strong wave of desperation. Even to get a cleaning job (which is perhaps the only option for most) is not easy, we ought to submit curriculum vitae, go through all the screening process and test. So if you are thinking about all these I say consider thinking twice. It is a different story about those studying on scholarships, otherwise I say back off.