Saturday, 22 May 2010

Freedom and Marrriage

Do you believe this sentence: Everybody is a freedom fighter? I am on the fence.Not everybody fights for freedom by birth or is it their genuine duty. But people say  one certainly becomes  freedom fighter just after the so called MARRIAGE. Since  i am still not married i really don't know the facts behind it but  I have heard so many people(may be some exceptions) frequently complaining about their life after the marriage.

I have no intention to play a blame game but the fact is just after the marriage you are tethered and suddenly a boundary is being  created. Every thing is set to limitations. For instance a wife certainly doubts if her husband comes very late or if he is with some gorgeous women not even thinking that she might be his coworker or childhood friend. Like wise the  husband's eye and ear certainly becomes active if he sees or hears her wife being involved in some awkward  activities.  If we  see a couple walking down the street who might have ever thought and said  like s/he is walking  happily with sis/bro in that street? I am very sure there will be  very few who thinks like this.  Some say life is very beautiful and wonderful after the marriage which may be true for those who really know and understand  about this significant life step- the MARRIAGE, while  there are still  majority of others who prefer to say just the contrary.

I do believe that marriage is the most significant life step  that a couple can take but at the same time there are aslo so many risks involved in it which might prove to become a barrier to this path and it is these risk that make people a freedom fighter. A couple may enjoy a very momentous and enriching life immediately after or before marriage but most couple complains that this does not last so long.This is being proved through headlines of various  news channels and papers  where a husband/wife appeals court or injustice being given to the individuals. There are so many divorce cases too which is a real indication of wanting to be free from that web of marriage.

Finally  what i think  is Marriage is very serious matter in one's life. It is worth more than mere bottles of Ara and mere enjoyment for a moment. It is a life long commitment that should not be taken lightly. To become freedom fighter or enjoy freedom is solely on  the individual's hand. Remember:
Marriage is an alliance entered into by a man who can't sleep with the window shut, and a woman who can't sleep with the window open.  ~George Bernard Shaw