Sunday, 7 October 2012

Strange Feelings, Unlucky Week..

Sometimes we just know we aren't well, but not why? We know something is wrong but not what and why is it so, we know emotions are playing game with us but not how and why? Life isn't always smooth as we wish it could be. A moment of happiness is suddenly clouded by the torrents of roughness and friction. Sometimes a sudden gush of  anger with anguish of grief ruins every thing!

Source: Facebook
Is it really true of this: "Anything is highly valued and considered before we get hold of it and then right after we lose it; in between when you have it, the value depreciates and the bar comes down until it is lost again" I personally think it isn't the case with everyone.

I wondered as to where I was going this week with all those rambles of thoughts, ranging from personal life to family, to complexities of love life, to difficulties of college life as bad off one, to all those unwanted current and future situations that should be least concerned with.
May be the week wasn't that fortunate and lucky. In every steps I took; there was some lapse and a kind of failure. Although the week was just after a wonderful trip to Bodh Gaya, the days that followed wasn't that productive and worth mentioning. Even the cell phone that gave me an impressive service past one year ceased to function properly with me this week!

When every other friends have their demand drafts (from DAHE) in their accounts, I still doesn't know where mine has really reached. And each time I tried to contact the concerned people, it was always encountered with unfortunate excuses. The first semester project presentation is just a week ahead and I still don't know if I will be able to do it well; because I still am not aware of what it is all about, not because I give less damn, but because I have but no other option for it is the price we get to pay if we are unable to talk freely and confidently with one's mates and the worst being with intrusive ones and of of different sex and race.

 However, everything is in fleeting motion and there was some rays of merriment and exuberance towards the end of week. We MNNITians  (Bhutanese) went to play football for fun with Bhutanese students of Sam Higginbotttom Institute of Agricultural Technology and Science (SHAITS), Allahabad. it was an interesting and rejuvenating one where we once again shared  a common laugh, smile and a sense of harmony..

So it is just the matter of time; time is a great healer and Some answers to questions just need a silence!