Monday, 26 November 2012

The Social Network..

Today's world is sophisticated and advanced with all kinds of developments and accessories in front of us. We have the fastest mode of communication on our desk and in our Pocket, the fastest mode of transportation in the door step, least strength requirement gadgets and super computers that performs mega times better and faster. The humans have managed to conquer the apex of everything and may be this is the very beauty of this human era- the privilege to be the part of this whole evolution.

How ever with all this sophistication and merits,if we are unable to use it wisely and intelligently, it is nuisance too. As good as we enjoy the fruits of all the developments, the world is equally into the state of turmoil and chaos, into constant threat with constant fear of terrors; the world has the dangerous nuclear weapon that will destroy everything in seconds. Physically this world seems to be so peaceful and calm; yet a deeper look makes us think if we are safe at all?
Source: Google

The communication field has gone into dramatic evolution within short span of time. The social networks in particular has grown and expanded so rapidly that we are aware of anything that is happening around the world, just in one click. For no doubts, the social networks have done tremendous good things to mankind. Thanks to the ordinary men with extraordinary minds.. The common social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace and twitter has attracted so many users and it is only on the verge of advancement. On the other hand, the sad thing though is that good has not left the bad and the darker sides behind. It has invited along with it so many chaos and cries, law suits, divorces(The paper in England reported that 75% of the divorce case of 2012 was related to social network!), confrontations and bad repercussions

The most obvious changes that has brought to the modern people can be described in a word 'CONFINEMENT'. Yes we do interact with so many people through such platforms, but from the four confined corners of  our room. It has therefore depreciated the very beauty and charm of the real interaction and socialization. We seem to have lost that energizing handshakes, the mesmerizing laughs in the midst of funny conversations. The more we get closer with such facilities, the more we seemed to be deviated and distanced from the real world.

Yet we can't resist from using the very facility and take advantage when it comes to us. For a week (the past week), I have been away from these social interactions (I mean from internet) I can't believe my self how much such facilities have impact on me in this information world. I really missed and I don't know how people of this age will ever survive without such facilities.

Last Saturday, I took my Laptop for some maintenance and since then for a week, I was cut off from the internet world. The college LAN connection was also very slow, which was lucky for me in a way...:). Random thoughts like; what would be notifications in the Facebook and tweets in twitter? Who would have drop me message? Who would have written new post in my blogger dashboard? what would be the news in BBS or kuensel?... etc started to bother me. Every time I opened a Book to study, such thoughts came and disturbed me. It was all the more torture so to say.

Any way my point is we (Me in particular) seemed to be governed by such facilities and  motives in this present world. Such platforms are inevitable and indispensable in this modern information age. Walk one step backward and it seems like you are ages Behind!  Such is the importance of Social networks; provided we use it wisely.