Sunday, 18 November 2012

Witnessing the Week

Life is a big mystery and full of paradoxes. Life unfolds both beautiful and ugly, both good and bad, but the nature of human is such that we are too much blinded by that mere darkness, the ugly and negative parts; we often fail to see the better and brighter part; we tend to forget to see the other side of the coin.
This is backed by the fact that for me, most of the time I am clouded by the miseries and sadness and hardly do I remember the wonderful and good things that have happened and are happening in my life. Maybe I am too shortsighted, but I feel the good things have very short life and that most of the time, such good incidents and memories, better and brighter ones are clouded and hidden deep inside somewhere.

Have you ever tired looking back, even for a day? Well, I normally write my diary every evening but the past week, I couldn't and today I was trying to go a week back! The following are the immediate series of events that clicked my mind:
  • When the people of middle east countries were struggling and striving in civil wars with bloodshed and  bomb blasts, Millions of Hindus around the world were rejoicing the Diwali with families and loved ones, with crackers and lights, which was rather disturbing and irritating to me, (by the sudden crackers)
  • When the United States of America in the west elected President Barack Obama for the second term and was preparing for his foreign Trip to Asia, the Republic of china in the east saw transition of the power, a new leadership under strict and tight security. 
  • The media and the government of India was busy with the visit of Aung Suu Kyi, the pro-Democracy Leader of Myanmar(Burma) and Nobel laureate  who inspired millions around the globe for her non-violence fights and sacrifices towards changing the Myanmar into Democracy. 
  • The week saw the decision of the government of Bhutan to do away with the observance of the pedestrian day weekly to every first Sunday of a month with the inclusion of world environment day i.e, 6th June as the Pedestrian day, which came as a good news for most Bhutanese. 
  • The week also saw Indians celebrating the 123rd birth day of their first prime Minister (on 14th November), Jawaharlal Nehru, who has a special connection with Bhutan.  The day which is also observed as a Children's day in India as a celebration for Nehru's love for the children.

With all these around me, there I was idly; wondering and regretting if the past week wasn't a total waste. I couldn't update my blog, though I never missed to read the blogs I follow.I didn't open a page of my books for the semester exam which is nearing. I didn't attend even one class as well, so for whole week it was a kind of complete break for me. However, then I was reminded that I was witnessing all these earnestly and that the week wasn't waste after all...:)