Tuesday, 13 November 2012

What does Tear means to You?

To a biochemist, Tear is but composition of mineral salts, antibodies and lysozymes (bactericidal enzyme). It is the secretion of eyes that helps to moisten the eyes from drying or when ever the foreign matter enters the eye. It is the exocrine process in which a substances come out just like exhaling, urinating, defecating and sweating.

To an athlete, who has just won a medal, tear is but a joy, an intense happiness and  a sense of satisfaction and a reward for his passion and constant endeavor. It is but an enjoyment of his success, nothing more than that.

To a desperate Lover, tear is but Love; it is his expression of how much love means to him/her. The quantity of tears is exactly the intensity of the love, the care and what it means to be in love.

To a beggar at the street, tear is but an easy excuse, an excuse that drives the passerby to pity and lends them a coin or two. Tears lends them food, clothing and shelter, the basic necessities of life.

To a criminal in a court, tear is but an alibi, although it hardly serves its purpose at the court of law. But still it is a good alibi, it is a kind of redemption and  a regret that teaches them lessons.

To a mother who has just lost her child, tear is nothing but a Loss. Her love for the child, it is her deprivation, desperation and catastrophe.

To a little kid, tear says it all; the need, the hunger, the pain (although it is hardly tells the joy!). When ever something is wrong, the child cries and that tells us all.

With all these comes to me now; a big question for myself in fact. I am a young adult, and not a kid any more (by age definitely), which often gets shadowed, because some where I still feel like I am child! I am still searching and trying to understand what is the real meaning of Love. I am definitely not a criminal, neither am I biochemist by profession nor am I a medal winning athlete. I ain't beggar as well, although some times  I do doubt if I am but a beggar, trying to beg my own dock, my own priorities and aims in life, because life isn't perfect yet and at one point or the other we all seems to become a beggar.

Yesterday evening I couldn't sleep as usual ,Everything was fine, the day was busy and hectic though, until when I felt my cold cheeks, and soon after that I knew my eyes were shedding tears! I did not believe I was crying!  Ahhh!!..... feeling embarrassed now!..:P

And the mystery is I never knew what does a tear means to me?  Ask yourself what does a tear means to you?