Saturday, 16 March 2013

International day of Happiness

Courtesy: Google
20th march will be observed as the International Day of happiness all around the world declared by the United Nations last year and Bhutan has declared the day as the government Holiday to celebrate the first international Day of Happiness. The Bhutan Broad Casting Service website also says that the date for the celebrations is marked as the 20th march as it is said to be an equinox day when day and night are of equal length.

Well, it is but a proud moment just to be a humble citizen of a country that has stirred the whole world in convincing the very concept of Happiness; it feels good to know that Bhutan- a tiny country in the mighty Himalayas has been able to push through in adopting the purpose of happiness for a holistic approach towards the development. It is wonderful to know that Bhutan has been able to further the very concept of Gross National Happiness, the brain child of farsighted monarch, the fourth Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuck to the outside world. It is with the deepest respect and humble appreciation that I take this time to wish the whole world a very peaceful and harmonious existence.

However this also pops so many questions. As a pioneer in this very cause, it would be the sole responsibility of Bhutan to uphold and maintain that status to the eyes of outside world. The unanimous acceptance by 193 member countries of United Nation in adopting this concept of happiness as an integral part of development means that every country will look up on Bhutan as a role model and that in itself brings a number of questions; I don’t really know if every Bhutanese are happy enough to be looked upon by the others as an example. I don't know how much home work is yet to be done.

 But at the same time, having been resolved and adopted for the better world at large; hope Bhutan will be able to fulfill the prerequisites and that it is not just the external mask towards gaining international attention or a name and fame. Hope this comes as another huge responsibility towards clearing and solving first the ground realities back at home. Hope the Bhutanese at the far flung corners of the country will get the real taste of Gross National Happiness.