Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Weird thoughts about the Work

Come twenty this month and I am three months old as a Trainee Engineer at Drukair Corporation Limited. So much has happened within this very short span of time. Some are so funny, some are really serious and reflective, some are saddening and some so hard-to- digest. Yes the first pay is exciting, it means that you are independent and everything must be managed of your own henceforth. With this there come so many expectations from both within and outside, so many compromises and adjustments. Lines of to-do comes at the door of your mind and when you can’t fulfill, you become frustrated, impatient and a complain boy! The worst is when your friends, the same class mates with same qualifications, placed at hydro power projects compares their salary with yours. This is too much you know. Such is the difference made by some mere difference in the path one takes. Perhaps it all boils down to how one is made to lead and live so called life.

Every colleague of mine would agree with me that the most peculiar thing about our work is the timing. Early in the morning when even the cock hasn’t crowed, when even the dogs at the corridor or some corners are into its sound sleep; we have to wake up and get ready. I don’t dare call that I am an office goer when people say if you are at the office?And in the evening most of the time it is only after the dusk that we unlock the doors of our room. At times we have to go to the bed starved out of the tiredness and it is especially hard for bachelors like me. That’s why I sleep early to wake early and it’s interesting to note that even the sleep has known the schedules of my work. And with the start of chilly winter season, having to battle with the cold early in the morning and late evening, sometimes I am often taken aback with regrets and remorse as to why did I even choose this profession after all?

The working environment isn’t that bad; the seniors and colleagues are all cordial who are ever ready to assist and lend their helping hand. Some in particular are so encouraging who in every possible ways show us to move forward but it really hurts when there are only underestimations, blames and no motivations which often I experience. It is embarrassing when people make fun of the degree certificate to the lack of practical knowledge. Yes we do lack the practical knowledge and we have and will never hide about it. That is why we take all the enthusiasm and interest to learn no matter what, but why not at least appreciate our frankness of our lacking? We don’t boast of our B-Tech certificate; no never! Of course everybody has ego and it is disheartening to experience like a small kid being scolded for his/her carelessness. We are all class PP students for now and proper guidance and motivation is all we need.  Who doesn’t make mistakes after all?

But then these are again the reality of any work and organization. When I am reminded of the competition we have at the Job market, when I think of those unemployed individuals whom once we walked together along the streets, I do derive some kind of inspiration and motivation to get going with whatever is on my way.It makes me feel secured and realize that instead of complaining it is time to appreciate and make the best out of it. A good friend of mine once replied me the following in the Facebook chat when I said that work is often boring and frustrating:  ‘Not having work would be more frustrating’ and I think he is very true.

Because at the end of day, it is after all my bread and butter, it is what I make living out of it and I have to adjust and love what I do.  Any way it’s just the weird thoughts that hovers me around under the cozy blankets battling to get some sleep.