Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Is being alone Loneliness?

Is being alone a kind of loneliness? I wonder! Sometimes when the harsh winter weather creeps in from the window and you are all alone in vast room sipping coffee alone, it doesn’t seem to make any sense.  When your kitchen is so silent and there is only the sound of the bubbles from the rice cooker and the frying pan accompanying you, it doesn’t feel to be well at all. When you have to go to bed and the torturous nightmares are only your companion, it doesn’t feel right you know. And again in the early morning when you have to wake up and repeat the whole process of the day, it doesn’t feel completed. Something seems to be missing. So does this mean being alone is but Loneliness?

Life is really a labyrinth you know; it’s hard to understand or tune in and adjust yourself with. When one faces you, there is back of the other; why can’t we have both at the same instant? When you don’t have, you try so hard to have it and when you get it, with time it just becomes a satiated toy which you don’t want to go for it again. And by the time you urge for it again, it is either lost somewhere or the situation is not always favorable. And this leaves you behind wondering with regret if you have even done it right.   Even the music which was your favorite and most pleasing becomes a noise after all with the passing of time; such is the nature of so-called insatiable life.

Mondays and Tuesdays are my off days, and I have just started reading the Autobiography of Dalai Lama which was my perfect time pass. But otherwise I really don’t know how to pass my time. Suggest me some good books friends so as to fill the gap of being alone which I don’t want it to become Loneliness.

Have a good day friends…