Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Career Choice

Ever since graduation, I used to ask myself these: “Am I on the wrong path?” “Did I choose the right profession?” The answer was always vague! I used to scratch my head hard with the hope to find if there was even a right answer to this? That’s when I became impatient and hate my own self for fooling around myself. Decision making is so very crucial in one’s life, particularly when you have so many paths in front. If you don’t choose the right one and as a matter of fact wisely; the only thing that you are left with is but regrets and frustrations. It becomes so late then you know. But then with mistaken path already treaded, it becomes inevitable to find the alternatives and move along with it for life has to go on.

There comes so many junctions in life and one mistake of a step has so much ability to keep you awake or under delusion. Fate may be the deciding factor of our life, yet sometimes fate is what we make about our self. Deciding one’s career is one of the most important juncture in life. As a kid, I was never aware of which career is best in one’s life or which career suits you best. I was neither told as to which career would best fit me nor was there anyone, even teachers who guided me with apart from that normal bookish knowledge. But this doesn’t mean that I am playing blame game here, although sometimes I do feel if only I had some guidance during the school days?

There are so many factors when it comes to choosing one’s career; the interest and the ability we have; the scope that particular profession has in future and it viability through the changing situations and circumstances. Just because others are taking doesn’t necessarily mean that one copies them. In India, most of the profession of a child is a kind of hereditary. If a parent is an actor, his children obviously are groomed to become actor. It is same for doctors, engineers lawyers or businessmen. I have noticed that the profession of most of my friends in engineering college was but decided by their parents.

I don’t know if it is same in Bhutan, maybe it is in few urban areas but not for rural flocks where most of parents are ignorant and innocent due to lack of formal education. One factor that decides the choice of career is having to fulfill the obligations of family as the eldest or the first one to have got education and the need to look after the siblings and relatives. Perhaps this is one reason why people hops into whenever opportunities (vacancies) irrespective of what they desired or dreamt of. The career objectives become secondary you know.

However like I said, once you have decided one naturally finds way to cope with it, we begin to love what we have chosen and if we have all the passion and enthusiasms, I think it is all that is required. At the same time it is a food for thought for all Bhutanese if our youngsters are adequately groomed and equipped towards making right and appropriate career choices in their life?

Did you make the right choice? What is the story behind your profession?