Friday, 13 December 2013

Tuition/Coaching in Bhutan

Yesterday after work, it was almost 1800 hours when I reached home. I directly went to the kitchen prepared myself dinner hurriedly for I was hungry and in the midst of it, my mobile was ringing. It was my uncle. We talked about our health; they were all good. He was asking me if there was something called temporary class at Paro. I did not understand the meaning at first. Later I knew what he meant; he was asking if there were tuition classes for students on vacation at Paro. I told that I had no idea about it. His son (my first cousin) has finished class XI science this year and he wanted to have tuition during this winter break. He was also talking of the financial burdens he was going through. For a moment I was sympathetic but then a strong infuriated pulse ran down my nerves and I was suddenly angry. Tuition class? Come on!  Yet I controlled it and seemed normal during the whole conversation. We had some minutes of talk till he gave the phone to my cousin. I directly asked him why he wanted to take tuition classes. He told that XII standard syllabus seems so vast and that he might face difficulties the coming year.
“But I did not, I had not even good reference books to refer, I still managed and my result wasn’t bad” I told. He wasn’t convincing.

Yes forget about tuition or coaching which I have never heard until I reached India, I did not even had the so-called guide or reference texts to study in the tenth or twelve standard. Even then at the end of day, I was one amongst some 145 students who got government scholarship to study outside the country. And I am very much grateful to the government of Bhutan for such good opportunities offered. Especially for families which aren’t strong, getting education is not that easy although the education is still free.
I told my cousin that as long as you work hard with determination and willingness, you will get your share. I told him to come and stay with me and prepare himself if at all he is interested and that I will help if I can. He wasn’t sure; perhaps he is going to take those classes which he said was at Ugyen Academy at Punakha.

Well, tuition or coaching may help get immediate colorful results or whatever the benefits it might have, I am always against it. I think it is for those lazy individuals, who want to take shortcuts. It is only for the rich families who have all the luxuries to walk an extra mile. Why take normal academic sessions then? It is all the more a waste of time and resources. If one is incapable, even dozens of tuition and coaching classes will be of little help. Tuition/Coaching is like spoon feeding a child who actually knows how to eat himself/herself. It makes one more complacent, dependent and lazy. That’s my personal opinion though and not to hurt the sentiments of those who are blessed with all the money and facilities, those who have thick pockets to expend and to avail such opportunities.

On the other hand I think if one is really interested, willing and determined, why not concentrate in the classes during normal academic session, revise and test it yourself? I tell it that the reward you get out of your so much effort and dedication irrespective of day and night is so much yours, beautiful and long lasting than you get with the helping hand of others. It is more satisfying and encouraging.

What do you have to say?