Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Walking Alone

Yesterday I was allocated to with wheel shop to assemble the wheel tyre and the work was finished by 1400 hours. I decided to walk from the work to my house at Woochu. It was bit windy and the sun was having tough time getting through the fluctuating clouds. The new majestic high way from Bondey till Paro NIE Bridge welcomed me where the works are still in progress. The chilly Paa chhu flows down by the side of this high way and it’s peaceful to see and feel how beautifully the river flows; clean and calm and is refreshing to walk down with the river. I wished I was like the river you know, to which it has nothing like turning back, no complaining, no sadness, sorrow or happiness.

I walked through the new pedestrian path- also work still in progress until the Bondey town. I scanned the view of it and thought myself about how shabby it looks. If you do the same next time you will see that Bondey town has more number of beauty parlors than grocery shops! Perhaps people over here are more fashion oriented? There isn’t even one Tailoring shop here. Passing the Bondey Zam which was inaugurated by the then crown prince Jigme Kheser Namgyal Wangchuk, I could feel the shake of it with the rhythm of vehicle’s ply. The road from the Bondey towards Woochu, is dusty and bumpy because the expansion works are in full swing. I wished if it rain for an instant to subside the filthy dusts that irritates not only people who walk or work by the side, but also those lethargic drivers.

Below this is the barren red rice paddy field patterned with few cattle and horses. It is dry and dusty too.  I have walked numerous times along this road but never had such strange feelings. My memories suddenly flashed back to the time when I came for the first time. It was different that time; every valley looked wonderful and green; filled with lively paddy plants. People were busy with the field works.  So this is Impermanence?

Just then a tripper truck loaded fully with logs of wood perhaps for the Bukhari of the cold season passes by and clouds my way with another circle of dusts. I covered my head with the jacket and continued walking to the house wondering if the change that is undergoing in me passes unnoticed as such?

PS: from my diary dated 13th December 2013