Friday, 6 December 2013

A Letter to Fate

Dear Fate, 
I know somewhere you are silently having a close watch on each and every actions of me and that at some point I will have to succumb under your very feet, yet here I stay, staring at the ceiling and wondering if I can ever see you in real; have a nice talk; so that all the bad unprecedented things are prevented and only the good things is prevailed in this beautiful (otherwise) world. It is so hard to understand you. How do you even manage to control the whole universe? There are so many whys and how that keeps me awake and wondering.

Why do you have to be present everywhere every time?

What result did you give for one who have put in all the efforts and who had struggled for dozens of years?  When it is time to reap fruit, you have stretched your ruthless, bitter and cold hands of discontentment and greed. Why are you so partial and selective? Do you even see how much sweat simple peasant losses to have a productive harvest so as to make their ends meet? When all is set, you have them the worst hailstorms without even prior warnings. Do you even notice how much an innocent student burns mid night oil for want of good result? But you have to be there and let this charming student commit suicide! Why are you so ignorant? Don’t you see the burning flame that is yet dormant in that student? Did you know who much courage it takes to commit such actions? Does he/she not deserve second chance? Why do you make difference between haves and have-nots? Why do you elevate and raise all that are having excess but deprives further who are depriving? Do you even know the meaning of word FAIR?

Why do you have to come between two sweet love birds? You go there, brainwashes them until they are inseparable and suddenly you let them change their mind, brings in misunderstandings and finally separate them. Why are you so greedy and jealous?

If you can make two strangers meet, let them fall in love why can’t you make them spent their life together? If you can make people agree to disagree, why can’t you make them agree? If you can keep them in touch even though thousands of mountains and miles are apart, why can’t you do for just few miles?

Lastly I know I can never win over you, but let’s be fair please. Don’t control me fully, I have my own conscience and I will try to abide by what is good and acceptable universally. Please try to keep your dead end hand away from me; just guide my conscience. As long as we are good at this I think we can have a safe and peaceful harbor.

Yours sincerely

Frustrated Human