Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Sleepless Night

Did you ever experience of an evening and a night when you are physically drained by the day's work but you are unable to bring the very needed peaceful sleep? I often experience such nights where the mind becomes restless and yesterday was such night. Countless thoughts were racing and playing around my head making me sick. From work to home, family and friends to tight grip of money you experience at times, the night was seeming too long. The worst was thoughts about tomorrow being  work day after two days off; I had to be up by 5:00 AM for duty and missing the bus early in the winter morning isn't pleasant at all. These all jammed the very peaceful rest I needed and it was like what the hell? I grab the book titled"The White Tiger" by Aravind Adiga which I borrowed from a friend with the hope of getting some six hours sleep which I  do normally. And it did solve my problem! I don't remember at what time the book was able to provide me much needed sleep, but it was already 04:45 when the alarm clock wake me up.

The past month wasn't really that smooth; there were so many constraints that was physically and mentally draining me out. Keep aside of writing new posts in my blog, I wasn't even able to read other's. Not all incidents in life are worth remembering or worth sharing, life is combinations of all these funny, good, memorable, sweet, sour and awkward moments. Some of these give us courage, some show us way forward, some make us ponder about the mistakes we made and how to go about with it, some strike us with unexpected surprises while some are just the coincidences. There are also incidents which rather demotivates and make us hate the moment we think about it. Even the work that I love so much was beginning to get less concentration and the usual up-to date that I was trying to keep (about the profession) began to fade. The thought and the promise to begin this glorious and galloping horse year with so much zeal and energy and with only good ones have suddenly suffered a struck stop and it has kept me wondering if these incidents at the very beginning of a new year foretells the very same throughout as BAD year? It is saddening when you are somehow dragged into that pool of unexpected controversies. Even more depressing is when you are dragged into that pool for which you are not even part of it and you have little connection with it.

Yet behind the curtains of all the bad and worst things, there still lies some unnoticed spare of the other part which is desperately waiting for our attention and if we notice that and are able to trim and care well that little spares which was once dumped, we find time to smile and celebrate- the much needed in the midst of hurdles.  Life isn't perfect for sure yet who does accept this fact? Being human we like only good things to happen, listen only to nice and flowery words. Often do we fail to realize that such SOLO things are impossible and that everything is but a refinement of the other.

With this I would like believe myself that so much lesson has been learnt from the preceding month and that I will take every possible steps to keep myself away from the bay of useless and helpless situations that only does more harm than good.