Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Paradox

The stars that twinkles and dances merrily in the middle of sky, who have all the time to watch its happiness and sorrow for that matter? The beautiful moon that brightens the unhappy couple and turns them to a lovely and happy one, who even feels lucky and appreciates this fact?  Very rare! Who would have even felt gratified by the gentle shower that drains all the sad and bad emotions and not cursed the summer rain that sometimes gets lippy? Who have all the time to see the beauty of all these wonders? The music that enthralls and soothes ones deranged soul and crippled body, who even cares when all is well and everything, is alright.  Unless we feel alone, lonely and estranged, we have no time acknowledge these small beauties that enriches our life.

The closest neighbor who lives just a step away; did you even greet and exchanged hi and hello? We have ample of time to chat and flirt with strangers on the social networking sites and hardly a second to greet our neighbor whom we share a lot of resembles. We (and them in return) hear all the loud noises from the blasting woofers in the late evenings, we witness their kids play around, hear all the silly and usual fights and the irony is that we are but a complete strangers!

The long gone friends, whom you shared same clothes once, whom you have had same meals from the same plate, Do you, even care to call them and say “hi dude, I missed you, how have you been?” Once you are apart, taking your own path, you get sucked by the silly things and you are drenched in the rain of clumsiness. We seem to get lost in the world of nowhere, which is so sad.

 Perhaps the line says it best which I read somewhere and which isn’t complete:

“We have more houses but less home, more acquaintances but less friends, taller buildings but shorter temper, more degrees but less senses, more knowledge but less judgment, more experts but more problems, we have done  more things but not better things, we stay up too late and get up too tired!”