Saturday, 15 March 2014

I am sorry

I am sorry I can’t please everyone; everyone who matters to me even in a little way. I can’t say Hello or Hi and thank everyone who has in some way made difference in some point of my life.
I can neither avoid every bad situation or trouble nor smile every moment for I am also human being with same emotions.
I am sorry I can’t be winner always; sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail; that is but the very fact of life and I believe it is completely fine.
I am sorry I can’t keep all my words, why do you want the secret to die and decay with you anyway? I can’t avoid hurting someone in some way for everything is two sided; when one is pleased, the others are hurt, can we hammer a nail without making a hole? And is it not natural?
I am sorry I can’t always stretch and lend my helping hand, for my hands are also tight sometimes. I can’t always be loyal or decent. Rules are made to be broken, otherwise why rules?
I am sorry for I am arrogant sometimes. What kind of people are we, if we can’t appreciate about what we are and what we aspire for? I can’t follow the crowd or you either for life itself is chained. Do I not need space for my own self to play around?
I am sorry, more often my eyes are blind and ears deaf for it is better this way. I see, I hear and this invites so many unexpected troubles!
I am sorry, I worry too much at times for that’s what keeps me alert and active; sometimes I am way too much suspicious for this reminds me to give a second thought.
I am sorry I have too many liabilities, too many hitches, in fact too many to list. I am imperfect you know; when even the world itself is imperfect, how can I (for I am just the part of it) be?