Wednesday, 12 March 2014

I have a dream

I have a dream that some fine day I would be able to serve the true purpose of my life; that I would live this life without any pinch of regret.
I have a dream to serve those who served me with all the good wishes and prayers.
I have a dream to help those who helped realize my dreams and aspirations; to love and care who loved and cared me for.
I have a dream to walk an extra mile for those who made just a leap of step for me.
I have a dream to fulfill all the wishes of my dear parents of whom I owe so much; to be loyal and serve them with utmost sincerity and dedication.
I have a dream to face all the corners of darkness this life has to offer and get through to the light; shine and show the world that even though you are nothing extraordinary, life has the equal share for  those who dares and that one who doesn’t dare, complains a lot.
I have a dream to work, work with my heart and head in coherence for the good, not just for me but for the organization I work for.
I have a dream to love someone dearly with all my heart and be loved with same measures in return.
I have a dream to be alone, think alone, do alone and live alone in my own way, so as to know the very meaning of loneliness or a company.
I have a dream to get drunk by all the varied cocktails and drugged by deadly drugs to see what kind of life in that state is- a third heaven as some says so.
I have a dream to be drenched by all the rains of tears to know the very depth of sorrow and sadness.
I have a dream to be soaked by all the rays of laughter and smiles to measure the very weight of joy and happiness and find out how far it goes.
I have a dream to shed all the fake masks that masks me so often and live a life that is completely my own, redefine myself ultimately.

I have a dream…