Tuesday, 4 March 2014

I wish you are here with me

I wish you are here with me
Because right now everything is alright
The stars and the moon is with me
A perfect moment of relief and comfort
The little flowers are dancing with me
In the shower of joy and happiness
I gaze around to see you but afar
It hurts me to know this fact
I miss you and I think about you

Don’t you miss me sometime?
The good times, bad, sad and silly
The moments that make us as one
Engraved in the veins of heart
These gives me reason to smile
Because you are always with me
Every beat of my heart is but a buzzer
That reminds me that I ain’t alone
This gives me hope and the strength
To strive and thrive in the worst ordeals
That your absence fetches forth
I wish you are here with me

Every little thing matters
As tiny as a pinhole,
As short as the morning dew
For life is but moments
Life is so partial you know
First a hell of courage to say Hello
Then it has us separated by miles
Does it not feel guilty?
Or even a pinch of pity?
I wish you are here with me