Monday, 22 December 2014

The Truth

The truth about your boss is that they are always right no matter what, so don’t ever argue with. The best is to nod yes all the time.
The truth about a teacher is that it is the only profession where one prepares the whole night and boasts about his knowledge the next day. (No offense to fellow teachers, this is just the truth told by my own teacher once in school)
The truth of doctor is that he advises others that drinking or smoking is injurious to health but if you live with him, you shall know that drinking and smoking are very much part of their life.
The truth about politician is that he is a very good lair. He doesn’t; think about what he can actually do or something is under his capability, he is too blinded by the rewards aftermath of election and promises blindly just to gain vote; after his desire and dreams are fulfilled finally, his promises are nowhere to be found. Even a paper decays right?
The truth of an engineer is that to a society, he is earning so much but don’t envy because not all are same, and he owes too much to banks and friends!
The truth about a girl is that she is very much unpredictable; she says she can do anything for her love until she meets a wealthy man and marries him irrespective of age. Of course money (wealth) is almost everything in this world.
The truth about a choespa (dharma practitioner) is that he preaches not to kill, be vegetarian and don’t tell lies, but you know what? He eats non-veg in the name of offering and lifting their soul, who saw this anyway in the real world? And will show a frown face if you don’t pay well for their day’s ritual.
The truth about a shopkeeper is that he is poorer than one really thinks, just like a women who weaves to sell clothes doesn’t have good clothes to wear for herself as she has to sell so is shopkeeper.
The truth about long distance relationship isn’t best as some says so and life isn’t fairy-tale, before this requires hell lot of patience, trust, understanding and loyalty.
The truth about trust is that it is very difficult to develop and too very easy to lose and once you lose, don’t expect you will find it again.
The truth about reconciliation or repair is that something is still missing and not all is right, just as the scar is left behind after you take out a nail from the board.
The truth about one’s life is that if you are able, meet some good fortunes, every kith and kin looks upon you with an eye of expectation; meet some misfortunes or failures and the same people shun you as if you are but strangers.
The truth in truth itself is that it is invisible often and by the time it becomes visible, it is already under the bridge and part of it is already damaged.