Friday, 2 January 2015

Good bye 2014, welcome 2015

Time and tide waits for none, that’s an old adage which is but true. Just like a morning dew, the year 2014 is already perspired and a new year 2015 is already on its way. So this is life? It is too fast don’t you think? Rewinding back, it is indeed a nostalgic moment, right? A lot has happened and I would like to believe myself that every moment and day has only taught me a lesson and that I have only become wiser and older, only things to cherish and celebrate about no matter how different, hard or depressing at times it was.
I would like to believe myself that 2014 was a good, in fact a glorious year to prepare ahead. 2013 was just the beginning of  the experience of my real life, I mean my own living, that is when you have to walk yourself, live yourself, love yourself and be yourself and 2014 just been a good experience all of these. Though I have nothing concrete to show as an evidence I still believe that I have done what was required of, there were hard times though not being able to balance between the thoughts and actions. My health had been pretty good throughout although I have never been able to increase my weight and even did checkup doubting if I was suffering from Tuberculosis which it wasn’t and god! That was a big relief. I still try hard to increase bit of my weight, because everybody says I am too slim and underweight for my height, I also feel that I am too thin and weak, so let’s see what 2015 will give? Financially it was OK, who has enough and are contended anyway when it comes to money? Though I have not been able to save which everybody talks about this shitty future, I like to believe that I have done my part to help my family and relatives enough that it brings me smile. When some of my friends chose fancy cars and marriages, I chose to ignore (for time being though :P) for other way to those simple things, and I don’t think I am wrong at all.

Professionally it was kind of consolidation period, although I missed the very good opportunity for ten months training to enhance and advance my career prospects, i think it wasn’t best time for me. I maybe one step behind some of my batch mates, but I am OK for as long as you have that will, i think every time or a place is but a learning after all. I believe that a yearlong work on the line in a bossy environment has only made me more humble and proactive. The smelly grease stained uniforms have taught me enough as to what engineers are meant for and I only wish to further and continue it. Every day was but a lesson not just for career but about the life ultimately and I thank all those who have somehow been part of it.
And eventually I look forward for even more glorious and eventful year 2015 and I resolute myself to read more honoring the reading year!
Happy New Year folks…!