Thursday, 20 May 2010


I never thought that i will get the chance to visit this site- the world's one of the seven wonders. i am not proud because i reached there but because i have got to interact with many good friends. I never realize the value of friendship till now. Yeah friends  are not merely being together. it is really more than being together, more than sharing the scheduled His and Hellos.It is more than mere sms through mobiles.

  It was not even a month that we reached to the institute. we are already late by about two months and by the time we reached here it was time for the mid semester break! for ten days. Shall we visit Taj-mahal? was the what my seniors suggested and before i realized, we were enjoying the beauties of tajmahal and other monuments like Agra Fort, and Fatiapur city where there is the resident of king Akbar- the great. i know those days are gone but memories shall never die.The moments like some vendors and  condors fooling us with fake statues to be taken as a gift,Auto drivers fighting for their customers and common people leading us as a guide(which they were even not familiar) will never vanish.But the most cherishing moments were the unity we have shown as a small family. we really value our togetherness and helps to each other.

As a student for the first time venturing outside really learns a lot. Accustomed to our own culture tradition and adaptation, coping up with the different culture is really hard. on top of that the hot climate with temperatures soaring to 45 degree centigrade during simmer and below 8 degree centigrade during winters
are what makes us totally unaware of what is going to happen. But in midst of all these if there are someone to console, someone to tell that nothing is going to happen,it really means a lot.

More than the visit of this site what lingers in my mind are the journey we took, the moments we spent there and the moments we share as a friends. Friends really mean a lot to me ... Thank triple gem for giving me friends like them......