Sunday, 26 August 2012

A wake up Call

On 02/08/2012 the Royal civil service Commission of Bhutan announced the vacancies for BCSE 2012 Graduates and it was really shocking to know the number of graduates appearing for  BCSE, more than 2600 numbers!. It just depicts that Life is not going to be easy after every passing days and year. I was particularly shocked to see the Electronics and Communication Engineering course (my course!) having just one vacant post against 24 competitors! Because the branch, which has so much scope in India and abroad is just the opposite in a country- a fastest developing country with Hydro power being the largest growing Industries.
However;on the other hand, it has also been a very good wake up call for people like me who are yet to go through that sometime later. But the question that still remains is: How without the Vacancy?  Even with laudable result? Can the Government really solve the problem of unemployment? It also shows that the situation is changed and is in constant change unlike the time of 1960s.

And on 24th, the same month, the results of Preliminary Examination declared with minimum cut off being 53 out of 100. It too was really surprising to hear one of friend, who once got scholarship in the xii standard did not get through. Does this at all have to do with LUCK? I wonder.
With everything seeming to move so first, I have lately realized that life is not that easy. We earn what we give and that comes with so much hardship, having to sweat,sacrifice and strife. Nothing is like a free lunch! The modern world has little space for a mediocre and everyday men.

May be it is high time that I learn from the mistakes of others and the situations; and the think of mistake always take me back to my own mistake; the kind of decision I took in the xii standard and after that; the decision I made that has changed the complete course of my life's road. At the same time i also feel Nothing happens for no reason and that every dog has it's own day. This has what solaced me through both hard and smooth times from then and hope I will thrive from now as well.
 I do feel we definitely need someone to guide in the midst of confusions, predicament and dilemma, no matter how much wise we are or how plentiful choice we have. A turn of just one page or a slip from a small tip of point is ought to make huge difference in the long run. We never know!

Now the wake up bell has already rang. To wake up and peep out and start thinking for the day or go deeper into the blankets of negligence is on our hand. I particularly have heard it loud and I am not going to miss it; I am going to abide by the bell and make my self comfortable for the day and the rest I shall leave for the almighty; May be time time will tell then...Lets see!..