Thursday, 2 August 2012


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As a little child I still remember when I collected with pride, the prizes for getting positions in the class in academics. As a reward to the hard-work we have put in, it was rather the inspiration I got. And all the more the kind of embarrassment I would have to go through if i don't keep the same spirit made me study more harder. The other things bothered me less! Just for examination I used to learn mugging up all those formulas of Mathematics and the Theories of chemistry and Physics in the intermediate schools. I hardly knew that learning is more than mere mugging up!

Still now I feel little has changed, although I am about to graduate. What I noticed is the same pattern of  studying, the only difference being the change of syllabus. However,  the amount of time we study is different. It is the last minute preparation that most students get through in the college.

And one thing that is a big blow to especially the Bhutanese students studying in India is the kind of background we come. The fundamentals Indians are groomed with and us have a vast difference. People say Indians are so brainy yet what I feel is Bhutanese are not far below. The only area where Indians are really good is in mathematics, may be that's because they are well groomed as a child preparing for AIEEE, JEE,and so on. On the contrary, Bhutanese students have nothing as such and and instead of that, we spent a long break of about six months after the XII standard and by the time we join the college, every basic concepts of mathematics and physics are vanished!

Some say genius is inborn but i feel the opposite; genius is made with time, it is a marriage of hard-work, dedication, sincerity and schedule. I was just wondering why do people fail in life because I wasn't convinced by all those philosophies of failure being the stepping stones to success.
however, from the back-paper I got in two subjects in the fifth semester of my course, what i realize was the difference in learning every individual has. In the normal classes, the heard of the syllabus itself was burden and the concepts were always an alien to me, not even an ounce of connection!.

During the summer semester, when I took the subjects for the second time, every concepts that were taught in the professor's chamber was but refreshing and I could easily grasp, and that was when I thought of individual's own capability to learn. Not everybody's brain is same! some consume more time than others.But every dog has its day.

Apart from above, the summer semester was also a kind of test in the line of this life. The stay of two months hardly in contact with your loved ones, especially those close in heart was but challenging. It was kind of test to my own self, the loyalty, the trust, and the faith. It was hard to believe that such things were happening for the first time with me as well, which i haven't even dream of. Everything was happening so fast and keeping all in track was hard though.
 I can never forget one moment where it was just like a betrayal from my love; the night of 6th June 2012. As human being, the five poisons always defeats us and  we hardly have control over them.I became too suspicious of that, however with time and explanation from her, it was slowly cooled down. So that is the price for Loving someone else?  There is nothing as free lunch in life, everything comes with price tags.

Ultimately what I realized from the two long months clearing my back-papers in the highest recorded temperature of 48 degree over all India in Allahabad; 1) Failure doesn't really imply incapability of an individual nor does it mean a kind of underestimation. It only means a second chance to prove one self that anything is not impossible for a willing Mind. 2) The heart of any kind of relationship is but Trust!..