Thursday, 30 August 2012

A kind of Discrimination?

Every body is against gender discrimination and I personally feel gender discrimination and distinction shouldn't exist after all both men and women are but human being with same kind of emotions, same blood and bones. And when it comes to gender discrimination what instantly comes to one's perception is women being underestimated and underscored; maybe because of age old tradition that women means just confined to four corners of kitchen and no where else. How ever I feel this point is no longer acceptable. There are sections of society where it is just the opposite and it is only because these are left unnoticed!

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what is more amusing is the fact that can't be denied; we just have to observe around us with every day life of ours and then feel it by our own self. A very practical example just to supplement my point; I was in Dean's (academic affairs) office on 27/08/2012 to collect my senior's mark sheets and other documents at around 3:30 pm. There were some other guys too who were in queue to collect their bonafide certificates. Two girls came by for their bonafide certificate and they directly went inside the office where as we weren't allowed but somehow some guys got through and what was surprising was that those girls easily got their certificates and when a guys inquired about his he was denied! On top of that we all were told that the certificates will be given only after 5:30 pm (after the class). One guys was retrospecting about the incident (girl being granted) which was but fruitless. And we had to returned! It was then when I asked if it is a kind of discrimination?

Well; I am not at all jealous of that incident but I am really amused by the fact that discrimination is still prevalent and we can never deny it. I always feel there is no discrimination and that we are all equal with equal potentials But somehow I am still awed as to what is that one good and obvious thing that really triggers distinction between a men and women? I think the fact that "what women have, men doesn't have and what men have, women doesn't have" should balance the very equation of any kind of distinction and must suffice to prevent any kind of difference.

 With this I am again taken back to memories of my primary school time in sixth grade; where my mathematics teacher who was also my class teacher upgraded and promoted one girl (because she emotionally and innocently cried when the teacher visited her house one time!!) from just a 'pass to first position instead of me which in fact was me!!. The point which I like to make is; Yes females definitely have some kind of charismatic quality that triggers others especially the males with such priorities and preferences over the males. I may be wrong but I hardly remember of boys being treated as such from a group of both sex.

However at the end of day, what I really believe is the kind of conviction and confidence we possess that makes all the differences. I met such kind of instances; maybe that is because I was unfortunate.  I strongly feel there shouldn't exist any kind of discrimination and distinction for it is the very gateway to all kind of chaos and disharmony. The present world is at best and I only wish that the sections of society if at all such discrepancies exist be changed; change for betterment!...