Monday, 22 April 2013

Day to remember: Thank you guys

Life is unfair says some, but it is not always; we either fail to realize or see for and it’s not always visible or tangible. It was a mere excitement when I first stepped this place. I still feel that innocence. The tiring and sleepless 24hrs train journey from Hashimara to Allahabad Junction on Mahananda express is still vivid and I feel nostalgic! The place was noisy and filthy and I felt bad after suddenly experiencing a stark change of environment.  Its awkward to remember the first time taste of food in Uptron, when Roshan took us under the scorching sun; I almost puke when I saw how the people out there prepare and serve us. The funny thing is now it is the favorite food place for all of us. I also remember the first taste of water (iron taste) at Home restaurant just eight of us that very evening. It was 7th September 2009.

When I flash back to all those time and after wards, I feel nostalgic and hardly do I remember the bad or sad times. I feel the time has flipped so fast. There was always someone around to talk with, to share the burdens and problems, I never felt lonely or alone. And this is the very simple evidence to show that life out here with you guys was wonderful and awesome!

Bhutanese MNNITians
I don’t know if our batch, four of us has done the justice of being seniors (or friends or whatever) to you all, but still we (I) would like to believe that we have done our best.  Yes there was frictions along the way, I believe that it was all for the good, and that it only means  we all care for each other.

Well, the time we spent together may be just a chapter, the memories we created together will one day remind us all with smiles. The trips we have made together, the fun we had in the playground like small primary kids, the meals we have in the midst of broke and the rendering of helping hand no matter what, says it all and list goes on. I have never realized the real friendship before; yes friendship is more than just being together! It is beyond mere physical contact we make. And frankly speaking, I feel fortunate to have got friends like you all.

Coming to the 13th April’s day, frankly I have no exact words to describe; it was really unexpected. And I think the day proved and said it all; the bond of friendship we value; the kind of persons we are as an individual and the sense of pride we have for each other. The rule of compulsory performances by every individual was interesting. Perhaps that was the most fair and just opportunity for all of us to showcase the latent talent. The welcome dance by karma and Chenga was the most creative and I really loved and enjoyed fully. Jewan’s hosting was smooth. Yenten’s talk of ground reality without hesitation made me realize one new thing, while Ram’s formality showed the kind of respect we have for each other, Damcho and Kinley’s song took us to the another world of romance! Cheten’s speech reminded us the very important message, the guitarist Jamyang enthralled us all and Sonam’s tear made all sent-y for a while. So all the more it was wholly an adventurous mixture of moments. The day was rather a summary, in fact a very good reminder to all of us.

Thank you all very much for creating a wonderful and memorable chapter in the book of our (my) life.  Life may not favor such times in future; yet, I am sure every one of us will remember the episode of our stay together, and this page is just to remind you all that life with guys were memorable, will be missed and cherished forever.

(PS: Sorry for the delayed Post guys!)