Monday, 8 April 2013

Retain Rights, Revamp Responsibilities

On April 3rd, the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa party announced its first ever Slogan teaser competition on its Fan page to make the interactions livelier and to stimulate our imagination on the yet another exciting democratic process unfolding in our country. I was curious to participate. I thought for a while; considering all the circumstances that DPT as a party is going through; with so many of its high profile members in the headlines of media for involvement in various scams. I was thinking in my small views as to what DPT should counter think and be concerned with, to make people believe that they are being dilated if not misinformed; that DPT really is a cause for the Tsa-wa Sum; that DPT is NOT what media and various critics think of; that DPT is genuine with rendering its services, commitments and responsibilities. It is a critical Juncture! That’s when I came with this slogan: “Retain Rights, Revamp responsibilities” which happened to be the winner of the contest.

Yes, if DPT has maligned its own name, it must prove and back all the good things that they have done past five years. It must also accept the fact that there are certain things which the majority portion of society claims failure and they must accept it with dignity and aim to revamp to the higher and better levels.

 With the second parliamentary election of the country nearing the date, a lot of good and bad things seem to be happening in various parts of the country. Although I am in another land, thanks to the various social media like face book and twitter, I can feel every beat and breath of vibes; hear every rhythm of vibrations, the excitements, the struggles, the hue and cries and the various sentiments. Politics seem to be the talk everywhere. It’s interesting to learn about the political fray the country is going through. New parties are struggling to get potential and capable candidates, while the old  are consolidating and expanding their horizon, exchanging the party tickets. There is rumor in every matters, some are serious and very much concerning, while others are casual and mere comic. What does all this mean? To me, it only means that Bhutanese people are serious about their own welfare, that the people now understand the very concept of rights, roles and responsibilities and that its just the beginning and we still have bigger pie to taste in the times to come.

I feel any ruling government is under the very scrutiny of a large number of audiences and critics. Take examples like India and USA. And that’s but very fact and good for it only means a commitment to better function and coordination. It only means a better and larger view after all democracy is about not only knowing our own rights, but our responsibilities too.

Well, I am honoured to be the first ever winner of the Slogan teaser contest; I hope the DPT will consider the simple thoughts of an ordinary mind and that it will deliver and revamp its commitments keeping the rights of people intact. All the best!...