Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Failures, Frustrations and Final Relief

Life is not always smooth, there are loads of boulders along the way and ultimately its fate and luck that decide and dominate the torrents of life’s episodes (this is what I Feel!). We never know for sure as to what is in store for us and what is to unfold tomorrow or the next day. Sometimes what we expect doesn’t happen while what we don’t aspire and even dream  in our wildest dream happens unexpectedly and that’s when we are made to pause for a moment and ask ourselves as to what this really means and what the hell this has to do with us anyway?

There is not one incident, even a tiny one that isn’t linked and I believe everything is intricately intertwined to each other and there are chains of events that follow. The worst curse that one consider come as the biggest blessing in the later part and the biggest mistakes or decisions one make are only indications or harbinger of something good and vice versa, which we fail to realize often.  Everything happens for reason in fact!

A lot has happened within three months. Since graduation,(in the month of May), there was this constant fear of getting ignored by the society as a whole, this constant fear of failing and being left alone. The consistent thought of “what if at all I am unable to repay my parent’s debt?, what if I don’t get job and am unable to stand on my own feet?, how will I live up to those who has place in loads of trust and hope?” has drained calories of energies and the thought of how do I live up to the expectations of some sections of society was even more torturing and distressing. Yes it is one thing to be able to walk, but another very different thing to be able to walk in equal pace with others with our head held high!

However the period was also one of the busiest, although it was literally a vacation after the college days.  The discouraging vacancy announcements (for it was just one at the most) in organizations like Bhutan Power Corporation Ltd, Bhutan Broad Casting Service Ltd and Drukair Corporation Ltd kept me engaged somehow. I was ever ready and willing to hop on where ever I get into for there was huge and tough competition. The most distressing and discouraging moment was on 3rd August when the Royal Service Commission (RCSC) announced its vacancies in its website. My profession had just single vacant seat and the number of students vying was more than two scores!

Suddenly the struggles of more than dozens of year’s study seemed to halt! The only thought that came was that I might be left unemployed! That was the moment when I knew for myself how greedy I was. There was no peace of mind, the days were restless and the nights sleepless. Anyone who has gone through this stage will know I am sure and those of you who haven’t yet experience will definitely come for sure at some point of time.

Anyway the vacancies that were announced often in corporations kept my breath and there was little hope. Drukair Corporation was the last to announce its vacancies but the first to complete its formalities- written examination and selection interview. It was also the organization that had highest number of vacant seats which was also the most encouraging. Despite so many rumors going around about Drukair being the most corrupted organization when it comes to recruitment which was disadvantage for people like me. The only way was to prove myself worth and deserving and on due day it was most relieving to see my name amongst five others. Thank you triple gem, thank you parents, Teachers and thank you everyone who has directly or indirectly involved in making me stand where I stand now

This is where I begin another thread of my life and I look forward to serving it to the best of my ability.