Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Expectations

July 13th 2013 was another historic day for Bhutan and Bhutanese people. The day was when Bhutan underwent the second parliamentary elections. Surprisingly and even shockingly for some, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) had a comfortable win with 32 seats against Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) with just 15 seats for the national Assembly. The people had spoken their voice, made choice and entrusted the new government. Democracy maybe just five years old in Bhutan, yet it seems Bhutanese people have understood what politics really is. And this only means that people can be never deceived or fooled.

There were so many stories, both good and bad particularly on the eve of the poll day, so many allegations, accusations and lies; and as an observer, I think these are only indications of politics becoming dirty. I am certain that these will only get worse with the time. Let’s wait and see any way.

With the verdict out, with the choice made aloud by the people, it is time to think and act as one. It is high time that people take into account the larger interest instead of petty party issues. Yet seeing the increase in number of complaints lodged every day, the heat of the politics seems to be strong still at the lowest levels. Therefore the new government’s first priority should be to cool-off the raze of fire that has emotionally burned so many people’s lives and bridge the divided sections of society into harmonious one although the time is the best healer.

As a recent graduate and job seeker myself, yes my first and foremost expectation is to get employed. And I am sure it’s not just me, but thousands of others like me who shares the same sentiments.  We are least concerned about rupee crisis, economic situation of the country or whether helicopters and power tillers can be reached. Right now what is our main worry is whether we will get a decent job. May be then we will know all others like what rupee crisis or deteriorating economic situation is. We do know that Unemployment problem is not an easy task yet it is also not impossible and as pledged, we would like see it implemented as pledged. Both parties during the campaign have promised 100% employment and I wish to see that it was not just the lips service to fill their vote tank.

 The above was written after the election result. Now that the atmosphere is normalized; the parliament session already began; and the annual budget proposed; let’s wait and see.