Saturday, 21 September 2013

The Irony behind ‘Zhungka Songo’

Have you ever heard of this word: “Zhungka Songo”? Well, it may be first time to many but I am sure most Sharchops would know its meaning. It is a word that is commonly used by most of the people of eastern part especially by those in the remote parts of the country.  Zhungka Songo (roughly government people) literally means those people who are educated and employed, and who resides in urban areas away from one’s home. But not all who dwells in urban centers are fortunate enough to live equal. The name has also been overused and it also means to people who have abandoned their home in villages and migrated to towns and cities in search of better life. And perhaps this is one word that encompasses all the reasons behind Rural- Urban Migration- the most common and prominent problem that Bhutan is facing; leading to yet another critical problem “the unemployment problem”

There are places especially the remote parts of the country which are not yet connected by road or electricity; where people are still illiterate and innocent. Such people are easily influenced by those unreal stories behind so called elite urban life. They become an easy prey to the trap of fallacies behind life in urban centers and are dragged towards it, even by being mere witness to some fancy dresses, the smell of perfume or even by some pleasing rumors. The mindsets of people are such that life at home in village is but the cruelest, most difficult and most unfortunate. Hardly do they realize the clear picture of how people lead urban life. For them every outsider or civil servant or contractors with thick pockets (or seems to have), nice attire and hairstyles are but Dashos and perhaps this is one big reason why there are so many cases of rural people being looted and cheated.

A story about a Voucher is very relevant here: “A woman lives in the capital city whose husband is working at a private company. With the meager wage that her husband gets they are struggling to make their ends meet. While on the contrary her relatives and friends back at home thinks very much the opposite. In their eyes anyone (including her) who lives in town has a luxurious and kingly life. She frequently gets calls from them saying her to recharge their mobile phones. While she does that (fulfill their wishes) with so much reluctance and difficulty, she has her balance in her mobile at negative numbers! Whenever an emergency arises, she has tough time giving missed calls!" Such is the life of so called Zhungka Songo…. (…;(…)

Well, what does this mean? What does it says about an individual, about a society and nation as a whole? Perhaps it’s high time for more sensitization, more awareness and education? This is something to be pondered up on.

And today is blessed rainy Day; hope you had a good day?  I particularly had a bad day, in fact very lonely and dry Thruebab ever till now. Anyway May all the dirt be cleansed and fall season wait with all charm and fun.

What did you do today on Thruebab?