Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Age of Adaline

I watch lot of movies, in fact a lot of movies and television series because it is the only thing that drains my leisure time besides reading which unfortunately has left me doesn’t interest me for a while. Some movies no matter how much critics say is a waste of time, you never enjoy, I often watch movies after recommendations from friends or after reading reviews. A friend from Mauritius recommended me to watch this movie: “Age of Adaline” which I watched and it was just worth spending my leisure time.
It is a movie about a girl staring Black Lively who meets with a kind of miracle where she never gets aged after 29 years. It portrays the realities of life that we might have to face and how it is to live a big secret, the struggles, the fear, and the lies. It is a beautiful story with romance, suspense and surprises in between that totally glues you with the screen.
After watching the movie it was like really? What if that happens to us in reality? Sometimes we silently wish if only we could outlive, if only the good moments lasts long but imagine that wish is granted just for us miraculously.  Do you think it will be worth praying and wishing? Watch the movie how it might seem. I would rather wish living to the fullest knowing that life is uncertain.